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Die Landkarte


Von Budapest und Miskolc  M3 Autobahn- Ausgang Füzesabony zu gegen Eger /33 Straße/.
Am Kreisverkehr zu gegen Kerecsend / 3 Straße/.
Weiter zu gegen Eger / 25 Straße/.
In Eger erste Signallampe nach links /K2 Strße/
oder nach Kerecsend dursch Demjén.



M3 autobahn




Full view

Satellite view




By these coordinates You can find the apartments easier on (online) map, or if You have a navigation system (GPS), You can easily find the apartments after You have set up the device with the destination coordinates below.

Important information:
Road from Eger (K2's valley thru) does not appear on several maps. You can see further information in the satellite view above.


Decimal Degrees (WGS84)


  • Latitude

 N 47.8552062499

  • Longitude

 E 20.330586433

Degrees, Minutes and Seconds


  • Latitude

 N 47° 51' 19"

  • Longitude

 E 20° 19' 50"


Die Möglichkeit des Ausfluges



 Egerszalók is a 2000 souls little village between Mátra and Bükk in the valley of brook Laskó.

It's fame is the thermal spring in the southern region of the village. The thermal water passing off the brae was created a 1200 square meters limestone alluvium (salt hill).

The baroque catholic church which can be seen today was built in 1738. In the church You can find the Miraculous Mary-icon and a portable 18th-century Mary-statue carved from wood in rococo style.


 Hungary's highest point with a 1015 meters elevation. A wonderful panorama appears from the 178 meters high television mast that is open for visitors in all the year. It is a popular destination of tourists and in winter the fans of winter sports.


 Next to the boating lake You can find the Bükk National Park's exhibition entitled "The Karst and its Living World" by the "Western Gate" Visitors' and Training Centre. The study-trails, the trail-marked woody cycle path and the forest railway makes an ideal place for environmental studies and spare-time activities.

The forest railway is open to the public between the 1st of May and 30th of September.

You can visit the visitors' and training centre between Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00.


 Noszvaj's pride is the De la Motte chateau built in late baroque style and at the present time it is a hotel and museum attached with an educational- and training centre and an english garden extending on three and a half acre.

Worth visiting the Farming House on one of the tradition related programs or the famous wineries.

The Farming House is open to the public from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00 every day except Monday.
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